About Us

The Meaning of 'Manna' means a gift from heaven. By extension, it means any good thing which comes into one's hands by luck or good fortune.

The shop was named after my fathers youngest brother 'Manna'. As he was the youngest of 9 brothers and sisters, he was considered by our grandmother as a gift from heaven.

We are a family-run business that have been making jewellery for over 3 generations. Originally started by my grandfather in the front room of the family home, four brothers opened their first shop in the Jewellery Quarter on Hockley Street in 1977 called Manna Brothers. Now the 3rd generation is continuing their legacy.

Our showroom is located in the heart of Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter, a few minutes walk from the Jewellery Quarter Train/Tram Station. The address is,

16 Hockley Street, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham, B18 6BL,

and is located directly opposite the Jewellers Arms Pub.

We are open 10am-4pm, Monday-Saturday. For custom made jewellery and bespoke made designs such as engagement rings, contact us to book a consultation on 0121 554 2727, Whatsapp us on +441215542727 orbook online.

Our Jewellery

We are proud to say the majority of our jewellery is made in-house, at our on-site workshop in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter.

We take pride in being UK manufacturers and encourage more people to shop small, shop local and to support small family businesses.

We recommend having your jewellery cleaned and polished every 6 months if possible. We do a full service on your items, including checking the setting and claws, stone security. Then of course, we give the ring a polish and a deep clean using specialist technology, equipment and tools.

All our jewelley is made from 925 Silver, Gold and Platinum. We use precious and semi-precious gemstones from accredited suppliers. Our jewellery is hallmarked at the Birmingham Assay Office.

If you have any specific allergies, please get in touch. We will discuss the options that are suitable. Please call us on 0121 554 2727 or email us on sales@mannajewellers.com

Always store your jewellery carefully and if possible, in a hard cover box, such as the original box it came in.

Clean your jewellery every 6 to 12 months and check on the gemstone claws by seeing if they are sharp or catching. If possible, come into store and ask us to inspect the integrity of the jewellery. We would assess the item carefully and reccomend any repairs if required.

Avoid applying creams or sprays whilst wearing your jewellery.

Avoid wearing jewellery whilst swimming, at the gym or at the beach.

If possible, for longer periods of time store your jewellery in an insurance guaranteed safe deposit box. Avoid leaving your jewellery out on dressing tables or other convenient locations. Its always best to wear your jewellery rather than leaving it in an insecure environment (such as a car).

Due to the high cost of gold and platinum, as well as labour costs, new jewellery has become more expensive than ever. Especially as the COVID-19 pandemic has driven the price of gold to an all time high.
Second hand or preowned jewellery can offer many different benefits. Such as a lower price, larger gemstone, higher gold content, a heavier weight or even a uniqueness in it's design. The historical element of the piece can also add value and desirability.

Fine Jewellery is jewellery that is made of precious metals such as Gold or Platinum, and often set with precious and semi-precious gemstones suchs as Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires or Emeralds. You should be able to find a hallmark on fine jewellery items, which determines the type of metal that it is made from, with either of the following numbers stamped on the article:

375 = 9ct Gold (Rose, White and Yellow)
750 = 18ct Gold (Rose, White and Yellow)
916 = 22ct Gold (Sometimes called Indian gold)
950 = Platinum

You can find out what a hallmark looks like here.

In our experience, the most common ring sizes for Men is between R and V, and for Women it is between K and P.

If I had to choose one specific size it would be T for Men and L for Women.

If there is a risk of your ring falling off or getting lost, try to avoid wearing the ring and keep it in a safe place. Often, rings are purchased without knowing the correct size and in most cases we are able to resize the ring to make it fit. If you recently have had it re-sized and it is still not comfortable, there is no need to worry, as we will be happy to resize the ring to make sure you get the perfect fit.

We manufacture most of our products in house, and thrive to provide the best quality at competitive prices. Our many years of experience and vast range of technical knowledge allows us to produce the same high quality jewellery found in larger stores, but without the high price tag. We focus on making high quality, fine jewellery and pass on any savings to the customer.

There are a number of methods can be used to determine it's authenticity.

Most jewellery manufactured in the UK has a hallmark from the assay office.

The hallmark determines the type of metal that it is made from with either of the following numbers stamped on the article:

375 = 9ct Gold (Rose, White and Yellow)
750 = 18ct Gold (Rose, White and Yellow)
916 = 22ct Gold (Sometimes called Indian gold)
950 = Platinum

You can find out what a hallmark looks like here.


Our diamonds are sourced from trusted manufacturers and suppliers, with whom we have developed long-standing relationships and trust with over many decades. We do our due diligence when it comes to sourcing our diamonds in compliance with the Kimberley Process. The Kimberley Process was set up by the United Nations and reassures retail customers that the jewellery they are purchasing comes from legitimate and conflict-free sources.

We do not typically use diamonds with a yellow or brown colour. However, we can source them if they are a preference to the customer. We opt to use the best quality diamonds and on occasions where the price point is paramount, diamonds with inclusions. In this case, we will choose to use stones that are eyeclean.

Gemstone Rings

Diamonds are the hardest natural material found on Earth. It's hardness is 10 Mohs on the mineral hardness scale (Mohs).

Yes, Diamond is considered as gemstone. It's natural beauty when polished is desired by many people around the world.

Diamonds are considered as the most expensive gemstones. Certain rare dimoands such as pink diamonds or blue diamonds have been known to be sold for millions of of pounds.

There are certain colours of sapphires that are much rarer than diamonds, such as the orange and pink padparadscha sapphire.

The 4 Precious gemstones are: Diamond, Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald. 

See our Gemstone Guide for more information.

There are many sem-precious stones but some of the most common ones are: Alexandrite, Agate, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Garnet, Lapis Lazuli, Moonstone, Opal, Pearl, Peridot, Tanzanite, Tourmaline and Turquoise. 

See our Gemstone Guide  for more information.

We use a variety of gemstones which are mainly precious and semi-precious stones. These include Diamonds, Sapphires, Rubies and Emeralds. If you require anything in particular, please ask us for suggestions.

Yes you can.

Please visit us in store, or arrange an online consultation so that we can have a look at all the options and provide the best solution.


There is no right answer for this as everyone's body is unique and there are a number of factors that can affect you ring size. If you lose or gain weight and are unsure of your ring size, please consult us and we will be happy to advise.

If you can come into the store and have it measured, it is the most definate and accurate way to find your size. Plastic ring gauges can also be used as a guide.

If it is a surprise, try to find a ring she or he wears on the other hand. Use a string or a piece of paper to wrap around the finger and measure the length on a ruler.

Ask a friend who is a similar build if you can measure their finger size.

Look at the finger when holding hands and take a guess based on your own finger size.

There are a number of different factors that can affect your ring size, such as the weather. In colder weather your blood vessels can beome constricted making your ring feel loose. On the other hand, during hot or humid weather conditions, blood vessels to your fingers become wider which can make your ring feel too tight. It is common for some people at night to notice that their rings feel tight and often feel more comfortable to remove their rings at night.

The average ring size for a woman in the UK is an L. 

The average ring size for a man in the UK is R.

Your ring should be comfortable to wear. We would advise for it to feel comfortable and to fit nicely on the finger. It should not slide of easliy and have a little friction when going over your knuckle. Only you will know the right size, but we are always at hand if you need a second opinion.


Depending on the complexity of the item, we would give ourselves 4-6 weeks. If you have a specific date set in mind, please let us know and we will do our best to aim for the specified date.

Have a look at ' how our jewellery is made ' to get a better idea of the processes involved.

A unique piece of jewellery that is designed specific to your requirements. We offer a free consulation with no obligation to discuss your options, timelines and budgets.

Book an appointment here to discuss further.

Yes, we specialise in making bespoke designed rings. We will assist you to create and design something unique to you that no one else will have. The process is a lot more personal and the item becomes a one of kind piece.

It can be, becuase you can specify the different sizes of the diamonds, weight of the ring, etc. If you have a certain budget, we will work to it, which can often work out cheaper than what you can buy off the shelf.

Remodelling is a good way of recycling old jewellery. We try to recommend to customers to create something new and modern and upcycle and repurpose any unwanted jewellery.

Most of the time, we can reuse the metal and the gemstones. It may also be possible to redesign or reset the gemstones, or use the essence of the original piece as inspiration for something new. If you no longer wish to wear a piece of jewellery in its existing form, but want to create something modern and wearable, then our remodelling service is the ideal solution.

Yes, engraving is a service that we provide. You can also choose from a selection of fonts. We can also hand engrave to your specific design.

Depending on your chosen design, we will suggest the best option for remaking your jewellery. There are many pieces of handmade jewellery we make in-house at our on-site workshop. Bespoke jewellery design is something that we think is a great way to create something unique and specific to you.

Yes, we specialise in making bespoke jewellery. We offer a bespoke service which allows you to create and design something unique to you that no one else will have. The process is a lot more personal and the item becomes a one of a kind piece.

Engagement Rings

If you can guess an approximate size, it would help. We completely understand the desired element of surprise, and we can always resize your ring to fit afterwards.

Traditionally, 'Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds' have always been the most common choice, as they are widely available and the most common option. Buying an engament ring should always be a personal choice. After all, it's a sign of your love and commitment to your beloved. Princess Cut, Emerald Cut and Marquise or Oval Cut Diamonds are still very highly desired.

Necklaces and Chains

Yes! We can work with you on making a chain from your own design. We advise you to book a consulation with us online or in-store so that we can give you an idea on price and leadtimes.

Curb and Cable Chains are amongst some of the strongest chains.

We would advise a curb or belcher chain (approx 2mm thick for a small, light pendant). For a heavier pendant we'd recommend a thicker chain in a style that suits you.

We do not sell gold-plated jewellery. Gold-plated jewellery often uses a cheaper base metal which is not normally recyclable or sustainable. Plated jewellery can also lose its plating and can in some cases, cause allergic reactions.

We would always recommend a solid gold chain over a hollow chain. Hollow chains are more susceptible to breaking and can damage easily, as well as proving difficult to repair. However we understand that due to budget, hollow chains area good alternative. However, we would recommend hollow gold chains over gold-plated chains.

Generally, solid gold chains such as Curb Chains or Belcher Chains are the strongest and most durable. Hollow chains are more prone to breaking and when they do, repairs can be costly.
Chains are continually moving, causing wear. Over time, due to the usage and wear, links can become thin and this can cause chains to break or to become weak.

In the majority of cases, gold chains should not tarnish. However, due to normal wear, chains can get dirty or look dull. If your chain does look dull, then it is possible that it may have had a reaction with a lotion, spray or other substance that it has come into contact with. Normally this can be cleaned or polished using our in store cleaning and polishing services.

White gold is normally plated (dipped) in Rhodium. Over time, the bright colour of the Rhodium will wear and may require replating and dipping. This is a service that we provide.

There are many size options for women's necklaces. The most common sizes are 16inch or 18inch.

We would reccomend a 2mm gauge thicknees for most lightweight pendants.

All of our pendants come with the option of having a chain, and all necklaces come with a chain. Please read the description carefully and feel free to give us a call if you are unsure.

We recommend a strong chain with at least a 2mm thickness. Curb Chains, Box Chains and Cable Chains are all good to use for pendants.

Yes, we can turn your charm into a pendant. Please contact us to discuss further.

You can layer your jewellery in a way where you can see all of your pendants. This will depend on the length of your chain, and the size of your pendants.

Buying and Selling Gold

We buy gold at market leading prices. We recommend coming into the shop so that we can give you a fair price for your gold.

Yes we do. If you desire any of these items, it is always a good idea to book a consultation.

Gold prices are based on international market prices and can fluctuate due to supply and demand, as gold is a commodity. We thrive to give our prices at competitive market rates and at what the value is on the day. Please contact us in store on the day to check the rate.

Yes, we can provide cash or a bank trasfer. If you are looking to sell your gold for cash, you will be required to provide a form of photo identification, such as a valid Drivers License or Passport.

Gold prices are based on international market prices and can fluctuate due to supply and demand, as gold is a commodity. We thrive to give our prices at competitive market rates and at what the value is on the day. Please contact us in store on the day to check the rate.

The price of silver is similar to gold in that it can fluctuate due to supply and demand. We give our prices at competitive market rates and what the value is on the day.

Usually gold is hallmarked, which means that you are able to tell with a jewellers lupe or a magnifying glass.

See ourhallmarking guidefor more information.

Men's Jewellery

Yes, we sell and make Men's gold chains. Our Men's jewellery is manufactured from Sterling SIlver, 9ct Gold, 18ct Gold, 22ct Gold and Platinum. We take great pride in crafting all of our Men's jewellery from premium quality materials. This ensures that our items will stand the test of time, whilst still being fashionable.

Our jewellery is made using: 925 Sterling SIlver, 9ct Gold, 18ct Gold, 22ct Gold and Platinum.

It is quite common for men to wear jewellery everyday and in many cases, it is very fashionable to do so.


See our sizing guide to get more of an idea of how your earrings will look.

Unfortunately, we do not offer this service, however we can suggest a few places in the Birmingham area that have good reviews and have been reccomended to us.

Yes, we will always have earring backs in stock or would be able to order in, or provide any special types.

It is best that you bring the earrings into the shop so we can have a look at what work needs to be done to bring your earrings back to life. If you have lost an earing, we can in most cases remake most types of earrings.

Absolutely! The earrings shown on our website are what we have in stock. Many customers use our bespoke design service and book a consultation to discuss their options.


The most popular bracelets tend to be Charm Bracelets and Tennis Bracelets. 

An infinity bracelet symbolises empowerement, eternity and has a meaning of everlasting love. It has an infiinity symbol, similar to the number 8, and is a perfect gift for someone special.

Yes, we sell bangles. We have a number of designs and can also make, or order, bangles specific to your design or budget requirements.

Bracelets are more like chains, and made with wires or links, often makeing them quite flexible.
Traditionally, bangles were made as a rigid form, from a solid metal bar shaped into a round circle to slide over the wrist. Although now there are many designs for bangles, they are still in a more rigid form and can be hinged or left open ended.