Engraving at Manna Jewellers


Engraving is the process of marking a surface to create visual and textural effects. It can be done on a variety of surfaces and materials such as glass, stones and metals. The technique of engraving has been used to personalise jewellery since antiquity. For many years, artisans have created beautifully complex pieces of jewellery through engraving, which still remains a popular service today. Due to technological advancements, these artisans shifted from hand engraving to more convenient and speedy methods such as rotary or laser engraving. 

Here at Manna Jewellers, we provide an engraving service. You are able to choose from a selection of designs or fonts, as well as including your own personal touch. We can also hand engrave your specific design. Many of our customers opt for hand engraving over the other methods, even though it tends to be the most expensive. This is because of how time consuming and delicate the process is. However, customers want the personalised charm and craftsmanship value of hand engraved jewellery, and feel that the more mechanical methods, such as rotary or laser engraving, lack these qualities. 

The most common type of jewellery engraving is inscriptions. Inscriptions are the perfect way to personalise your jewellery. For example it could be, a name, date, meaningful quote or phrase, or even a small image. Another form of engraving is intaglios. This is where the gemstones are engraved, perhaps with an image of a person, object or place. Although intaglios aren't often used on modern jewellery, they are seen on many classical revival and antique jewellery pieces. Decorative engravings are also of high demand. This is where patterns or shapes are created on jewellery. For example, they may be engraved into the shoulder or around the band of a ring. 

We recommend keeping your engraving short, sweet and simple. This way, we will be able to execute your design with flawless precision, and therefore with maximum impact. Our team at Manna Jewellers completely understand the emotional connection and sentimental value that comes along with engraving and personalising your jewellery. Therefore, we will be with you throughout the process, taking on board your own creative ideas, as well as offering advice, ensuring that you are truly satisfied with the end product.