Diamond and Gemstone Shapes

March 06, 2024 2 min read

Diamond and Gemstone Shapes

Gemstones and Diamonds come in a variety of shapes. Each of these shapes can be beautifully fashioned into many different cuts. Gemstone cuts differ in popularity, price, and overall, the amount and size of facets carved into the gem's surface within each category of shapes. 



The most popular of all diamond shapes is the Round, or Brilliant cut. It is classic and timeless in appearance, and cut in such a way that maximises light dispersion - a good choice for optimising the sparkle factor. 


A flattering shape on most fingers, the Oval is a more modern choice than Brilliant, whilst still being elegant and classic in style. The symmetrical and elongated cut can make the diamond appear larger for its carat weight. 


A square or rectangular silhouette with rounded corners, the Cushion shape works nicely with most ring settings. The facets are typically larger and make the dispersion of light appear as flashes rather than the sparkle of a brilliant cut diamond. 




Like the Cushion, a Princess cut is square in appearance but with cleaner, more contemporary lines. The second most popular shape, its symmetry and modern feel make it the diamond shape of choice for many.


Radiant gems boast a rectangular silhouette with recognisable trimmed corners; an amalgamation of the elegance of the emerald cut and sparkle of a Brilliant diamond.


Square in appearance with square cut corners. Its steeper facets and deep crown allow an Asscher diamond to maximise its sparkle.




Perhaps the most iconic and recognisable shape of love and romance. The modified brilliant-cut heart shaped diamond is a unique and unmistakable symbol of love. When choosing a heart, symmetry is a very important characteristic, since it is critical that the two halves of the heart are identical.


An elegant rectangle silhouette, this is another flattering choice for many finger shapes. The shallow facets can make the stone appear more linear and can accentuate a diamonds clarity and colour, so is a good selection when choosing a higher quality diamond.


Also know as the Teardrop, the Pear shape features characteristics of both the Brilliant and Marquise diamond. As with other elongated shapes this is a flattering option for most finger shapes, and make for a stunningly unusual diamond.




This shapes provides the largest surface area of all diamonds shapes and therefore can make a stone seem larger for its carat weight. The Marquise is a brilliant cut gem and is contemporary in style.


A triangular silhouette with a geometrical aesthetic, a Trillion (or Trilliant) diamond will have sides of equal length and a flat table.


Featuring just 14 facets, this is the simplest of diamond shapes. Most commonly seen with a long rectangular silhouette, Baguette stones commonly play the supporting role in engagement ring design, sitting of the shoulder of the band.