Diamond Signet Ring

April 13, 2022 1 min read

Diamond Signet Ring

This diamond studded platinum signet ring was designed and created as an 18th birthday present. A returning customer, Kally, who had previously commissioned us to re-model her engagement ring, was looking for a gift for her daughter. Originally planning to purchase jewellery on-line from a popular global brand, she decided to slightly stretch her budget to have a unique ring especially made for her. 

This project was completed during the early 2021 'Lockdown'. Kally provided some initial ideas and we developed a design shared as an image for us to agree the basis for production. Once the design was approved we decided to firstly manufacture the ring in silver and sent this to Kally - this proved a great way to test the practicality of the design whilst we were unable to meet in person. This step helped us all to recognise that a lighter weight would be more comfortable and provide a better fit for the birthday girl. We made adjustments and then progressed to make the ring setting in platinum. Consulting with Kally again at this stage to check she was absolutely happy, we then set the diamonds to complete the piece.

We are delighted to hear that Kally's daughter loves her signet ring and wears it every day. It apparently attracts lots of admiring attention amongst her University friends!

At Manna Jewellers we are always totally committed to working closely with our clients to produce truly unique and bespoke pieces. If you would like to discuss your ideas or obtain a quotation please book an appointment for a no obligation consultation.